Professional wrestling legend 'The Immortal' Hulk Hogan.

TMZ confirms Hulk Hogan’s return to the WWE

Ladies and gentlemen, one of the biggest names in professional wrestling (just don’t tell that to The Iron Sheik) history will be returning on Monday, February 24th, 2014.

We all knew that Hogan was going to be returning to the World Wrestling Entertainment sooner or later, but it has been confirmed by TMZ. Now there’s a photo of Hogan with some trainers of the WWE Performance Center in Florida, guys like Norman Smiley and Bill DeMott included.

Now when it comes to WrestleMania XXX, I highly doubt Hogan’s going to be lacing up his boots and competing in a match. There has been word going around that his body isn’t what it used to be, considering he’s getting up there in age.

So it makes sense that he’ll only be making an appearance, possibly in the corner of a huge WWE Superstar. Cough cough, John Cena.

But it’s going to be great either way once that ‘Real American’ or whatever song he’ going to use hits and he comes walking out playing that air guitar and cupping his hand around his ear.

He may be old, but he’s still one of the greatest professional wrestlers to ever live.

Welcome back Hulkster, welcome back.

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  • Robert Gibson

    Thats right brother ,and you know Gordon Soley my Hulkamaniacs better remember to take their vitamins ,and order wwe network…Thats Right yea!!!

    • David Alejandro Miniel

      I hope he delivers a big boot/leg drop on someone.

      • Mike Rebel Carman

        I guarantee that will not happen! The guy can barely walk!

  • Jason

    This may just be for the launch of the new WWE network to stream WWE programs 24/7 and get all of the PPV’s for cheap. But who knows.

    • Anthony Schartner

      I love you and the WWE and Hulk Hogan’s return is all because of him and the WWE for making it happen and who knows why he’s back but he’s back and better than ever brother

  • Mary

    This is to divert attention away from the CM Punk drama

    • Jessica Dell

      No, it isn’t. Hulk’s return has been discussed for months.

      • Mary

        The timing is more what I was referring to. They are dreading the fact that Raw is coming to Chicago soon lol

        • Jessica Dell

          That is true. *lol* I cringe every time I think about what might take place in Chicago.

          • Mary

            I was going to pass on going to this one but now I want to go just for the crowd reaction :) I heard Hogan would be coming back in Chicago just for that reason because they figured we wouldn’t boo him. I am sure chants will be heard the entire night.

          • Jessica Dell

            Have fun! ;)
            I have never been to a live match yet. I am dying to go to WrestleMania. It’s in my home state this year! Ahh!

          • Mary

            I would love to go down there for that! I have been to NOLA once but I am sure that is going to be a fun week to be down there.

  • Butler trash

    I can not wait for this

  • NENS4212

    Anyone else find it ironic that Hulk Hogan & The Undertaker are coming back to RAW on the SAME NIGHT? Could it be the start of a feud that ends at WrestleMania???? Just sayin…

    • David Alejandro Miniel

      Lesnar is also confirmed for Monday night. Word right now is Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker at Mania. Heyman would have a second shot at the streak. Last year he watched Punk fall to the dead man, but could the dead man defeat Lesnar?

      Remember their little face to face moment after a Lesnar fight at a UFC PPV?

  • LocoLoboXIII

    Its simple..Hogan has ALWAYS worked for Vince……. go ahead, bash me for this comment now……. but if you are alive when the documentary about the most undercover hush hush Pro Wrestling takeover comes out, and everyone tells you about how Hogan was made to go and “fix” WCW, to make the ratings for WWE/F go up, and kill it off, when the ratings went awry……. and then have an elaborate set of individuals make the documentary about WCW, and blame everyone BUT Hogan and Vince…… anyway, let your bashing begin, but later, I’ll be sayin I told you so.

    • David Alejandro Miniel

      No bashing/judgement here, sir. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, especially when it comes to professional wrestling.

  • Richard Ike

    I find it ironic that Hogan and The Undertaker are returning to Raw on the same exact night? Ironic in the fact that with them coming back on the same night, Hogan is very good friends with another wrestler everybody wants to see in the WWE!!!!! Could Undertaker be in the ring hyping his streak when Hogan interrupts and the two go on about how The Undertaker knows Hogan could never defeat him and end the streak now and then Hogan agrees and says “I didn’t mean ME! I was talking about my friend……STING!” as Sting appears to the shock of everybody there as Raw goes off the air?????? Could the match FINALLY happen at Wrestlemania?????

    • David Alejandro Miniel

      Having Sting, Undertaker, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan under the same roof? Professional wrestling heaven?

  • David Alejandro Miniel

    Thank you everybody for your comments!

  • David Alejandro Miniel

    Would you guys like to see Hogan return to ‘VooDoo Child’ or Real American?

  • Mike Rebel Carman

    “One of the greatest pro wrestlers” ROTFLMAO!

    • David Alejandro Miniel

      Thank you for your comments, sir. I hope you enjoy the Elimination Chamber pay per view and RAW on Monday!

      • Mike Rebel Carman


        • David Alejandro Miniel

          Sir, wake up, you fell asleep via text.

  • Mike Rebel Carman

    Hogan has been working for Vince for years! He was being paid to destroy TNA…

  • Omar ALkhalid

    Yeah bring the Old guy back and kill all the current good fresh talents in their 20s,30s good job