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Tyson Chandler’s head gets in the way of his own dunk (GIF)

Anytime you grab an alley-oop pass and throw down an emphatic reverse dunk, you want to get appropriate credit. That is especially true, I imagine, in the final minutes of a tight overtime game that will eventually end up in a second overtime.

That’s what happened to Tyson Chandler in the New York Knicks’ showdown with the Orlando Magic on Friday night. Raymond Felton penetrated, the defense collapsed, Chandler cut to the basket, and the lop pass came his direction. It was basketball played right…except for one thing.

Chandler’s head got in the way.


At full speed, it appears that Chandler missed the dunk and then touched the ball while it was still on the cylinder. That would be the call on the floor, but upon further examination you can see that the ball went through the rim, hit Chandler’s noggin, and bounced out.

A weird play, and one Chandler will hope doesn’t cost his team the game.

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