Former World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry.

WWE's Mark Henry talks about retirement

There comes a point in every professional athlete’s career when they start to think about retirement. The older they get, the more they think about it.

Not every athlete on the planet is promised to continue doing what they have been doing for more than half of their life. A lot of them grow up entertaining fans, no matter what sport. Not only is it a job for them, but it’s entertaining to those who pay to see them in person.

Now not that long ago, former World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry took everybody by surprise when he announced that he was going to retire. It was an episode of Monday Night RAW, Henry walked out in a clean suit and put his wrestling boots on the stage as he made his way to the ring.

This caused John Cena to come out and allowed Henry to do something that he’s never had the chance to do in his career. Hold the WWE Championship. Henry then revealed that he had a lot left in the tank and delivered a Worlds Strongest Slam to the champion.

Fast forward to today and Henry is still talking about what he’s going to do once it’s his time to walk away. According to, Mark has at least two years left on his contract and he intends to really retire.

He also wants to work with the younger talent in the back. This man is a for sure future Hall of Fame inductee.

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