2014 Sochi Olympics: Canadian restaurant offers 'American tears' on menu

Sochi, Russia – February 21st, 2014: A member of the men’s United States hockey team skates off the ice as members of the Canadian team celebrate their victory in the semi-final round. Team Canada’s 1-0 victory pushed them to the gold medal game. Mandatory Credit: USA Today Sports

It seems as if a Canadian restaurant is having some fun in regards to Canada’s hockey victory over the United States on Friday night (and the women’s hockey win over the United States as well).

With a trip to the gold medal game on the line, the United States – who scored twenty goals in their first four games – fell to Team Canada in a heartbreaking loss. The U.S. then went out to get drubbed by Finland in the bronze medal game, but there was no sympathy from a local Canadian eatery who is apparently serving American tears.


The ribbing is all in good fun (at least I hope!), but on the outdoor chalk board menu in Halifax read ‘Soup of the day: American tears’ with a ‘Go Canada’ written in red chalk just below.

Painful as that is to see, it’s a pretty funny shot at Team USA and there wasn’t anything behind it other than some elbow nudging.

At least we have basketball?

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