Sochi, Russia. The Olympic mascot cheers on a match between womens ice hockey. Property USA Today Sports

2014 Sochi Olympics: Sochi bear mascot taunts men's USA hockey team (Photo)

The only thing more terrifying than the United States’ men’s hockey performance the last few days has been the random appearances of the Sochi bear mascot.

Seriously – what the hell. It’s like whomever was in charge of the Olympic mascots spent as many hours as they could attempting to come up with the most terrifying ‘cute’ bear they could.

In fact, I’m pretty sure the designer is the same person who put in work on the original Pierre the Pelican. The stuff that nightmares are made of.

Speaking of nightmares, we focus our energy back on the disaster laid out by Team USA in the bronze medal game against Finland.

As if the final score wasn’t enough, the Sochi bear decided to make an appearance at the game. Not only celebrating Finland’s victory, but also taunting USA’s bench.

With American trailing (significantly), the mascot appeared to climb on a railing near Team USA’s bench. He then stuck his head over the glass, almost appearing to taunt the players as they sat motionless and void of any emotion during the blowout.

Insult to injury.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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