Dear USA, a follow up to the Dear Canada hockey video

Ahead of the Olympic match ups between the United States and Canada in the Winter Olympics, director Jamie Winterstern released his own version of a “commercial” for the rivalry titled “Dear Canada.” The theme of the video is an open letter from Americans their northern neighbors looking to tackle Canada’s assumption that hockey is an after thought in the United States.

Jonathan Baron narrates while you watch scene after scene of young kids going to hockey practice, carrying their gear and their families watching in the stands.

Unfortunately for the United States, they lost to Canada in the women’s gold medal game and in the men’s semi-final. Both by a slim one-goal margin, and both could be dubbed instant classics.

To follow up the first video and all its popularity, Winterstern has released another video, this one is titled “Dear USA.”

“This is the official follow up video to Dear Canada,” Winterstern writes in the about section. “We are humbled and blessed with all the support we’ve received. I shot all this footage back in December while scouting for a hockey movie I’m directing, based on John Rosengren’s Blades of Glory (Friday Night Lights on ice). After witnessing these young high school boys from Minnesota play at such an elite level with so much at stake, I became inspired to use this footage in relation to the Olympics. A special thanks to the Bloomington Jefferson Jaguars and MSHSL.”

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