French speedskater Alexis Contin rips own federation

French speedskater Alexis Contin ripped his country’s federation of ice sports following his disappointing finish in the men’s pursuit race in Sochi on Saturday, claiming that he and his teammates didn’t receive enough support from the federation before the Olympics began.

Contin said the federation is so inept that it deserves a medal:

By far we won the gold medal for the worst federation in history. There is a very high chance that was the last time you see a French team on the ice … Qualifying a team for France without support – we did it.

Contin, who was diagnosed with Grave’s disease last month, also said his illness made it tough to compete:

I had a really bad night and woke up extremely tired and still had to do it for the guys … it was the hardest race of my life.


I’m on medication and it’s all about getting the hormones in balance again and that takes time.


Of course I’m sick and we can’t compete at a high level but I think we really respected the Olympics and shared the true value of it.

The French federation said it would respond to Contin’s criticisms on Sunday.

[Source: Reuters]

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