NBA Rumors: Miami Heat unlikely to sign Glen Davis

Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

When the NBA trade deadline passed, it hardly signaled an end to teams making moves around the league. While trades were indeed made, players like Glen Davis and others were bought out and released from their contracts. Now, contenders around the league are scouring the free agent market for players they can use in the postseason and Glen Davis is at the to of the list.

According to insider Marc Stein, the Miami Heat have interest in Davis but it appears to be only outside interest and the two teams most likely to land him remain the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Clippers.

Stein then noted that Davis is expected to pick between the Nets and Clippers (and possibly others) by the time Sunday concludes.

It’s unclear where he’ll sign, and the Heat can’t be counted out, but it appears Miami is waiting to see what happens with Danny Granger and it will be between the Nets and Clippers to decide who gets Big Baby.

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  • Real M-Fing talk !!!

    If these reports are right i have to go back to hating on Pat “the hampster wheel that turns in my head has stopped, because the rodent ran away” Riley, why wait on granger, you need help on the glass … Pat mind set should be to sign be to sign BOTH players… Why have guys like Jones and Douglas on the roster when they serve ZERO purspose to the ultimate goal, if you are counting on giving any minutes the Jones, Douglas or even Haslem you team is in trouble.

    • Luke

      Sorry Heat fans the Clippers need him more then the Heat do the Heat already have Birdman,Greg Oden,Haslem by the way Greg Oden has looked good why haven’t the Heat played him more? Give him 10-15 Minutes a game i know the heat are being cautious because of Oden’s Knee Injuries! Or they may be saving him for the Playoffs when they face the Heat! Who knows what there plan is for Greg Oden! The Clippers have 2 spots open up if they can get Davis and Granger that would be a huge upgrade for the Clippers! Danny does have a house in L.A! I hope they both chose the Clippers!

      • Real M-Fing talk !!!

        Actually not a heat fan, i tune in for Lebron, can’t stand Wade’s game and overrated Bosh… people claim he is great but he could not get a Toronto team in the playoffs in a bad eastern conference….. no different than Car”ME”lo putting up numbers with no results…and blaming others… Yes Oden is looking good on the defensive side, his second effort and offense is still lacking, no surprise there and Please do not mention guys like Haslem.
        Danny would make better sense for Miami… the best chance of playing Indiana.. and if Pat was smart he would look at players like Charlie V. if he gets bought out and use his size in the paint… and if you the Clipps dont get Danny there is always Butler… This time of years tells me a lot about a player once he is bought out… if they do not look to the Miami as a first option.. that person is not a winner or wants to win or believes if he doesn’t show up in the playoffs it will effect his next contract, and do you really want those guys on your team?

        • Luke

          So if they choose the Clippers over the Heat that means they don’t want to win? Why would granger pick Miami? 1st he is going to be a backup to Lebron James who plays 40 Mins a game! 2nd He is very close to his Former Pacer Team mates do you really think he will do them like that? 3rd He has a chance to be a starter for the Clippers and has a House in L.A! He is also very good friends with Chris Paul if Danny is bought out the Clippers will be frontrunners not the Heat.

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