Nov 29, 2013; Baton Rouge, LA, USA; LSU Tigers running back Jeremy Hill (33) celebrates a touchdown against the Arkansas Razorbacks in the second half at Tiger Stadium. LSU defeated Arkansas 31-27. Mandatory Credit: Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Rumors: Tampa Bay Buccaneers may draft LSU star Jeremy Hill

The Buccaneers have lame new helmets but they may be getting a strong and very awesome draft class this year. With new management in charge of everything, the Bucs are starting to hash out adrift strategy and many fans are starting to wonder what they may end up doing.

On player that the Bucs may target is LSU Tigers running back Jeremy Hill who is starting to garner a lot of attention and praise from scouts and analysts alike. Pete Yasinskas form notes that while no one knows what the Bucs are doing, and the team has three running backs already, they may be open to drafting Hill if he’s there.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are pretty well set at running back with starter Doug Martin and backups Mike James and Bobby Rainey. But, if Hill is the best player on their board at any given time, anything is possible.

Anything is possible at the draft, but the Buccaneers taking Hill is far-fetched. Lovie Smith did grab Matt Forte in Chicago to be a lead back, but the Bucs already have Doug Martin and a compliment of backs behind him, meaning the Bucs picks can be devoted to filling defensive holes.

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  • Ryan Porter

    Worst article ever. Lame helmets? They’re awesome. And this is stupid, everyone is probably open to taking him. Just a waste of an article

  • Joe

    The only thing lame is that gay looking douche is wrote this stupid article

  • Tom Weissmann

    Pat is at a training center in Florida where Hill is. He didn’t say they were going to draft him. In the article, he was talking about how good he looks and his college days. Great reporting by Josh Hill.

  • 65yt

    Haha Lame helmets huh? I think the helmets are Boss, and no other team has a silver guard so they are unique. But then again the lame statement is as Lame as the Idea of the Bucs picking ANOTHER. Running back when they need OL, DL, WR, TE, and QB.
    But hay, maybe a RB!! Lol

  • 65yt

    AND J. Hill just got arrested and the Bucs tend to stay clear of Problem players. They have enough to deal with now with Williams. But HAY maybe a RB!!!’

  • 65yt

    Lame huh

  • victorbarney

    I disagree! It’s just GREAT being a TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS FAN AGAIN! I have not felt this good about the Bucs since my friend & acquaintance Greg Spires played Defense with them when they had the last winning franchise way back when! WATCH FANS…

  • Mike K

    I think you should you should apologize Josh before you are out of a writing job. Lame helmets?