Peter Forsberg Not Happy With Gold Medal Game Referee Selection

NHL Hall of Famer and Swedish legend Peter Forsberg is not happy about the selection about the four officials that will officiate tomorrow’s Gold Medal game between Canada and Sweden, according to TSN. Kelly Sutherland, Brad Meier, Greg Devorski and Derek Amell will be taking part.

The problem that Forsberg has is that Sutherland, Devorski and Amell are all Canadian. Meier is American but lives in Calgary, Alberta.

“What a f___ing joke!… comedy at its highest level.”

Obviously Forsberg thinks that these NHL referees will play favorites and make sure Canada wins the Gold Medal. I wonder, did he watch the USA-Canada Women’s Hockey Final in which the American referee constantly sent the American’s to the penalty box in overtime?

The Swedish team is obviously not feeling the same way. Swedish captain Niklas Kronwall had this to say.

“We are used to having referees from USA and Canada in the NHL… We know their standards so I think it’s easier for us too if the referees are from there.”

Erik Karlsson added this.

“I think most referees over there [in the National Hockey League] are Canadian, too… They probably support Montreal or Toronto, but they don’t make any difference there. I couldn’t care less about what the referees do. As you saw yesterday, we had two power plays, Finland had a lot, and we still won the game. It’s nothing we can control and neither can Canada.”

Meanwhile, IIHF officiating manager Konstantin Komissarov explained how the selections were made.

“The main factor of the selection of these officials has most of all to do with their experience officiating in high-level competitions… These include Stanley Cup playoffs, World Championship competitions, and Olympic competitions.”

“Their nationalities aren’t considered as factors nor should they be, we want the best officials working the medal games,” he said. “We are fully confident that with their experience and professionalism these officials will do their job well and preserve the integrity of the game.”

I hope Forsberg didn’t just do this to get his name out in the news.

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