Sochi Olympics: Alberta Premier says bars will open at 5am for Team Canada gold medal hockey game

Team Canada has demonstrated that they’re very good at hockey, and Canadians back have long demonstrated a  love of alcohol. They deserve it for always being so chill about everything that ever happens to them, but one Province has demonstrated a very keen love of drinking thanks to a recent announcement about the hours their bars will be open on Sunday.

According to CBC Calgary, bars in Alberta will be opening at 5am tomorrow so that Albertans can have a tall one while they watch their native country attempt to win gold in Sochi. The announcement wasn’t made by a few bartenders or a group of hockey fans who want to drink and watch the game, rather the Premier of Alberta Alison Redford basically signed it into law — on Twitter.



Tomorrow will indeed be a great day in Canada if for no other reason than beer will be served bright and early. Of course, the focus of the day will be on Team Canada’s quest for gold, but on the off-chance that they lose, at least there will be booze flowing early to numb the pain.

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