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Feb 22, 2014; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Rory MacDonald (red gloves) throws a punch at Demian Maia (blue gloves) during their UFC welterweight bout at Mandalay Bay. MacDonald won by way of a 29-28 decision. Mandatory Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Rory MacDonald vs Demian Maia full fight video highlights

The UFC 170 ‘Fight of the Night’ bonus was given to Welterweights, Rory MacDonald and Demian Maia, for their exciting back and forth battle that lit up the Las Vegas crowd in attendance. Rory MacDonald ended up taking home the unanimous decision victory after controlling the final two rounds. If you missed the fight, check out the highlights and full play by play below:


Play by Play:

Round 1: They exchange immediately. Demian Maia gets a quick takedown. Maia in Rory’s full guard. Maia attempting to pass, but Rory is using butterfly guard. Elbow from Maia. Maia mounts Rory. Body shots from Maia. Big elbow and more body shots from Maia. Maia landing hard shots on Rory. Rory gets out of mount momentarily, and Maia is in half guard. Maia is landing ground and pound and Rory gets double butterflies. Maia is landing body shots and is trying to pass guard. Rory with a hard hammerfist and gets to his feet. Head kick from Rory. Maia with a leg kick that slips Rory. Rory is clipped by a hard 1-2 from Maia. Front kick from Rory misses. Front kick misses. 10-9 Maia for control on top.

Round 2: Rory comes out swinging in round 2 and lands a few kicks. Big left hook from Maia and Rory stuffs a takedown. Rory with a 1-2, but eats a jab. Big left from Maia, but he eats two head kicks. Rory with a short takedown, but Maia to his feet. Maia shoots for a takedown, btu Rory sprawls. Rory is opening up on the feet with beautiful combos. Body kick from Rory hurts Maia. Hard body kick from Maia. Maia’s takedown attempts have lost complete steam. Maia is exhausted. Hard 1-2 from Rory. Jab from Rory. Rory is starting to take over. Big knee from Rory. Straight left from Rory. Right hook and head kick from Rory. Two jabs and an uppercut from Rory. Maia is not landing anything. Straight right stuns Maia. 1-2 from Rory. Jab from Rory. Head kick from Rory. Hard body kick from Rory. Push kick misses for Rory. Jabs from Rory. Maia is doing nothing in this round. Another hard body kick from Rory. Maia attempts a takedown, but Rory stuffs it. Superman punch from Rory. Straight right and front kick from Rory. Another hard body kick. 10-9 Rory for completely dominating in the striking department.

Round 3: Jab from Rory and a hard left hand. Rory with another 1-2. Big left hook from Maia. Teep kick from Rory. Body kick from Rory. Jab from Rory and a body kick. Right hook from Rory. Straight right hand from Rory. More straight rights from Rory. Rory stuffs a takedown and lands a big strike on the exit. Body kick again from Rory. Right hand from Maia. Demian has a single leg, clinches to a double leg and gets the slam takedown. Demian passes into half guard. Rory using butterfly guard again to elevate Maia. Rory to his feet, but Maia ruses in for a takedown, and Rory flips him over and stands up. Wild exchange right there. Maia has another two takedowns stuffed. Right hand to the body and sprawl from Rory. Teep kick from Rory and a right hand. Maia misses another takedown and eats an uppercut. Straight right from Maia. 1-2 from Rory. Maia is completely exhausted. Jabs from Rory and a big right hand. Rory stuffs another takedown. Maia with a leg kick. Rory with a right hand and he is landing at will. Great fight and performance by Rory MacDonald. 10-9 MacDonald.

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