Sochi Olympics: Fans watched Canada's hockey team win gold in church (Photo)

Today wasn’t a holiday in Canada, but judging from what was taking place, you’d have thought it was.

Not only were roads void of any cars and local bars opening at 5 AM to serve patrons who planned to watch the gold medal game between Sweden and Canada, but there were people watching the tilt on big screen televisions at church.

Yep – below we have a collection of people sitting at their local church watching the game on a giant projection screen.

Now, it’s hard to tell what exactly was going on here. Did the church simply open its doors to those who wouldn’t be able to watch the game at home? Did they turn the game on after a service? Or did the pastor simply decide today was a good day to play hookie for hockey? I’m guessing the latter.

Whatever the case – after Canada’s thrilling victory, pretty sure all of those folks went home quite happy. And clearly, their prayers worked.

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