TJ Waldburger vs Mike Pyle full fight video highlights

The second bout on the UFC 170 main card was a Welterweight collision between TJ Waldburger and Mike Pyle. After three hard fought rounds, Pyle hurt Waldburger and finished him with ground and pound. The late stoppage marred the fight slightly, but it was a great performance by Pyle.

Check out the play by play and highlights of the fight below:


Play by Play:

Round 1: They touch gloves to start. Leg kick for TJ. Front kick feint from Pyle. Leg kick for Pyle. TJ goes high and misses. Leg kick and straight right from Pyle. Leg kick from Pyle. They exchange leg kicks. TJ clinches Pyle on the fence attempting a takedown, but Pyle uses a whizzer to get out. TJ goes high and falls. TJ back to his feet and lands a nice left hook. Overhand right and left from TJ. TJ with a leg kick. Front kick to the body. Trip takedown from Pyle and he gets into half guard. Pyle passes into side control and lands a few shoulder strikes. Pyle with a few lefts. Elbows to the body from Pyle. TJ gets to his feet and pushes Pyle up to the fence. Knee in the clinch from Pyle, but TJ breaks out and clinches him on the fence again. Pyle with the plum clinch and lands another knee and two punches to the body. TJ is taken down by Pyle late in the round. 10-9 Pyle for the takedowns and control.

Round 2: Front kick to the face from Pule. Overhand right from TJ. TJ misses a front kick, but lands a left hook. Two teep kicks from Pyle. Head kick from TJ is blocked by Pyle. Jabs from both men. TJ with a nice 1-2 and leg kick combination. Pyle catches a leg kick and takes TJ down. TJ attacks with a leg lock, but Pyle spins out. TJ now looking for a guillotine, but Pyle gets side control. TJ adjusts and gets butterfly guard. TJ to his feet and eats a knee. Straight left from TJ and a knee from Pyle. Two hooks from TJ. Spinning back kick to the body from Pyle. TJ’s nose is bloodied up. Left hook from TJ. Left hook and high kick from TJ. TJ clinches Pyle on the fence and lands a few hooks. Pyle gets double underhooks and takes TJ down. TJ right back to his feet and is looking to take Pyle down, but can not. Overhand right from TJ. Body kick from TJ. 10-9 Pyle again for the takedown and control.

Round 3: Straight left and right leg kick from TJ. Outside leg kick from Pyle, but TJ counters with a hard right. TJ attacking a lot more in the beginning of this round. Pyle with a nice combination. Straight left and body shot from TJ. Head kick from TJ, but it misses. Body shot from Pyle. Overhand right from Pyle. TJ is stunned and looks for a takedown, but eats a shoulder strike. Pyle catches a kick and lands a powerful spinning back elbow that knocks TJ down. TJ gets to his feet and clinches Pyle up on the cage. Knee from TJ. Knee from Pyle. Two big elbows from Pyle and a knee and TJ is hurt and dropped. Pyle is on top and is nailing TJ with big shots and elbows. TJ looks like he is out, but the ref is letting him continue. TJ is not doing anything and just eating shots. Finally Herb Dean steps in and the fight is stopped.

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