The Walking Dead, episode 11: Eugene, Abraham mow down some Walkers (GIF)

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The Walking Dead - NYC Prank

We were formally introduced to a few new characters on Sunday night when the new episode of The Walking Dead premiered on AMC. Abraham and Eugene are now a part of our lives in a pretty big way, although one of them nearly lost out on being a part of the series moving forward.

While Abraham and Glenn fought each other down the road aways, Eugene quickly found himself surrounded by Walkers and the situation looked pretty dire. Thankfully, he was able to grab a gun and alert Abraham, Glenn and the others that he was in a bit of danger.


It was classic horror movie fodder as one walker approaching Eugene led to two, then three and then a whole bunch. Luckily for Eugene, Abraham and Glenn broke up their fight in time to sprint over and rescue him from certain death.

It would have been beyond a bummer if the one guy who actually knew what was going on with the walkers had gotten eaten, but good thing we avoided that.

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