Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in Season 4 of "The Walking Dead." Photo Credit: AMC via Entertainment Weekly

The Walking Dead episode 11: Rick gets attacked in bathroom (GIF)

Tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead saw plenty of action return to the show, more so than we saw int eh first few episodes of the show since it’s come back. But one of the most intense and action packed moments from the night involved Rick finding some crappy luck in the crapper.

After he found out that his house he was staying in had become overrun by some strangers, Rick decided to hide and avoid the intruders as to not be killed. All was going well and good with this plan until Rick ran to the bathroom to hide, where he found one of the intruders evacuating his dinner — number two style.

Credit: Zombie Prophet

Credit: Zombie Prophet


Rather than let him go about his business, Rick found himself having to fend off guy chilling on the crapper with nothing more than the tools around him. We’ll just ignore the fact that this guy was wearing pants, but maybe that was ultimately for the better. Rick eventually won, but it was by far the weirdest trip to the bathroom we’ve ever taken.

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