Danai Gurira as Michonne in Season 4 of "The Walking Dead." Photo Credit: AMC

The Walking Dead: Michonne Makes a Startling Discovery (GIF)

On tonight’s all-new episode of the hit AMC series The Walking Dead, we catch up with Rick, Carl, and Michonne. Unfortunately, Michonne is about to make a rather startling and unnerving discovery.

Michonne and Carl head out to search for supplies, food and anything else that can be of use to them. The two of them separate to cover more ground and save time. As they both explore through the house, Michonne stumbles on something that I am sure she could have gone the rest of her human life without seeing.

If you have been keeping up with the series, then you know what horrors Michonne has in her past, and the demons that chase her down on a daily basis. So you will understand why what she just laid her eyes on is particularly disturbing for her.

When she opens the door to one of the rooms, she finds herself in a child’s room. Laid out on the beds, and even in the chair by the window, were the dead and decomposing bodies of young children. Thankfully, she was able to make it out of the room and close the door before Carl was able to see the disturbing sight; especially since his wounds over the “loss” of his baby sister are still fresh.

Here is a look at how this disturbing scene played out.

Credit: Zombie Prophet

Credit: Zombie Prophet

What would you have done if you were in Michonne’s position?

Make sure to check back with us throughout the night for all the latest and greatest on not just tonight’s episode, but the entire gripping season of The Walking Dead.

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