Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in Season 4, Episode 11 of "The Walking Dead" entitled "Claimed." Photo Credit: AMC

The Walking Dead season 4, Episode 12 'Still' preview (Video)

Tonight marked an all-new episode of The Walking Dead on AMC and we officially got back into the action we were used to in the first half of the season. After some excellent introspective episodes to start the second half of the season off, we are now starting to see the action pick up even more and some answers look like they may be coming soon.

It seems that Rick is starting to get some of his wits back, as he’s gone from being more than half dead at the beginning of this half season to being able to maneuver around a house of hillbillies and stay alive. Meanwhile, Carl is continuing to come into his own as he travels with Michonne, who is getting more and more unstable as she continues to deal with visions of her past life.

We also saw the first major appearance of Abraham Ford and his small crew trying to save the world. Eugene was introduced formally as well, and this all means that a new thrilling storyline has been added to an already exciting show.

Here’s a look at next week’s episode of The Walking Dead:

Date: Sunday, March 2nd
Start Time: 9:00pm ET
Episode: “Still”
TV Info: AMC
Online Stream: iTunes, Amazon Instant Video


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