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Former TCU compliance official apologizes for comments about Texas A&M bonfire tragedy

Former TCU compliance official Greg Featherston spoke with Mac Engel of the Star-Telegram on Monday about the recent controversy that led to his (Featherston’s) resignation.

Featherston found himself in hot water after he linked to a post — a post he didn’t write — on his Facebook profile criticizing Texas A&M’s plan to leave 12 seats empty at Kyle Field in tribute to the 12 students who died in the bonfire collapse of 1999. The post said:

If the number of [Texas A&M] students that were victims [of the bonfire collapse in 1999] of what amounted to drunken, negligent homicide on the part of that cow college didn’t match so perfectly with the cult’s favorite number, I doubt you would have seen anything like this done.

Featherston told Engel he didn’t think about the inflammatory nature of the post before sharing it:

I didn’t even think about it. I didn’t read it from a lens other than what the thread topic was about. Had I done that, I would have deleted it immediately or never posted it. I never even thought about it until it blew up.

He also offered this apology:

I am absolutely sorry. I deeply regret the whole situation. And not because I don’t have a job. You can make money. You can do something. I feel bad the whole thing happened, for TCU, and for the people I offended.

TCU publicly denounced Featherston’s post a few days after it went viral.

[Source: Star-Telegram]

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