NBA MVP Power Rankings: Week 17

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Feb 15, 2014; New Orleans, LA, USA; A view NBA logo during the NBA All Star Jam Session at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings! It’s Monday morning, and each and every week (including last Monday), we bring you the latest look at the always entertaining race for the NBA’s Most Valuable Player Award. We’ve had a full week of regular game action since the All-Star break, and even after a somewhat quiet trade deadline by league standards, there is plenty in the way of story lines to discuss moving forward.

For reference, the MVP “criteria” used here is the most literal sense of the word, and team success (while certainly a factor) doesn’t include or exclude any prospective candidate from the proceedings. Without further ado, let’s get it going!

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  • Real M-Fing talk !!!

    Are you out of your mind? Durant is sill number 1?… typical media bull crap… they pick a golden boy and ignore anything he does wrong….
    Against Miami, Durant was dominated by the King, nothing like Durant did in Miami and against the Clippers Durant lost that game… so save your B.S. about him playing good… he took 30 shots, that was not a Westbrick lost , it was all on Durant… the game was tied with less than 2 minutes.. Durant misses BOTH free throw, something “ignored” in the post game highlights and on two following trips with under 1 minute remaing, Durant misses 2 shots…. guess what? that 3 Westbrick took without passing to Durant is all everyone is talking about…. Forgetting the fact Durant had 4 shots at it before…. AND CLANKED THEM ALL !

    • Brad Rowland

      It’s one game…. Look at the statistical resumes over the full season.

    • Henry Liu

      I created an account just to let you know how much of an idiot you are. KD had a few bad games so he loses credit for all the dominant games that he had throughout the season? You sound like a typical LeBrick fan Lol. Since LeFlop fans LOOOOVE to bring up numbers so much, let me give you a few stats:

      KD: 31/8/6 on 51/40/89 shooting; 30.6 PER; Thunder 43-14 in the West (which is 10X harder)
      LBJ: 27/7/7 on 58/37/75 shooting; 29.4 PER; cHeat 40-14 in the East

      Numbers speak for themselves. If anything, it’s a travesty that this year’s mvp race is even being considered “close”, because its not. KD should win by a landslide.

      • Real M-Fing talk !!!

        You honestly think i have not heard that before or been called worst… shows how smart your are… stupidity must follow you around like a bad smell….
        You do know the Heat just had a 19 game win streak end against the west… they have yet to lose 10 games to the west in 2 years…
        Durant vs Lebron james.. you ignored their head to head records also…

        numbers? … Durant’s 31pts a game doesn’t mean anything … last time i checked Durant shot the ball 240 + more times than Lebron… but we can ignore that also….. rebounds even..assist even…Lebron higher shooting percentage not even close, 3pt shooting even… free throw is the only edge Durant has on Lebron…

        OH YEAH…. i forgot Lebron is having a down year numbers wise…. and he is even with Durant… that should tell you something…. Lebron also leads his team in points, rebounds, assist, and he is Miami’s best DEFENDER, WHEN DOES Durant play defense, Durant has Ibaka to rebound and defend along with Thabo… what else does Durant do other than score for his team….

        Serious Question? if Durant leads the thunder in rebounds, assist and was the thunders’s best defender how far do you think OKC would go…. Guess what? Lebron won two rings doing that… The Thunder wouldnt even make the playoffs, you are trying to overhype a gay that doesnt have the all around game of Lebron…
        Durant may win the MVP but i always believe it should go to the games best player each year…. Jordan was robbed a few times like Lebron

        • Henry Liu

          Buddy, you watch too much ESPN.

          I don’t know exactly what kind of scoring averages would impress you, but last time I checked, 31 PPG on 20 shots while shooting 51/40/89 is pretty good. You talk so highly about LeBron’s shooting averages, but how about we look past his FG%. He’s shooting 37% on only 4 attempts a game. That’s not bad, but its vastly inferior to KD’s 41% 3PT shooting on more than 5 attempts a game. And I wonder why the “King” only shoots 75% from the line. 11 seasons and he can’t even shoot over 80% once. Pathetic.

          Ah, I was waiting for this next one. “LeBron is having a down year”. This is the MOST VALUABLE PLAYER award we’re talking about, not the “who puts up the best stats while coasting” award. And please don’t even begin to bring up defense. LeBron is having the worst defensive season of his overrated career.

          KD: 1.8 stls, 0.8 blocks; 101 DRtg, 3.4 DWS
          LBJ: 1.5 stls, 0.3 blocks; 105 DRtg, 2.3 DWS

          Who cares what stats LeFlop is leading his team in. The Heat have a worse record without Wade than the Thunder do without Westbrook. That’s all you need to know.

          And you’re really bringing up head-to-head stats? Who gives a sh*t about that. Those are only TWO games out EIGHTY-TWO games.

          • Scott Camuto

            Both of you really need to learn how to debate civilly.