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New MLB home plate collisions rule includes discipline for offending runners

Most of Major League Baseball is still processing the new, experimental rule that bans collisions at home plate. Some are in favor of it, some players are not excited about it, and some details still need to be clarified.

One such wrinkle would be the tidbit that Joe Torre passed along to Andrew Baggarly of CSN Bay Area today: base runners who break the rule will be subject to discipline from Major League Baseball.

Presumably the severity of the punishment will be subject to how bad the collision is. As an example that hits close to home for the San Francisco Giants.

As this rule is considered to be in its experimental stages, it will be interesting to see how this aspect of it plays out. The subjectivity of such decisions places a lot of pressure on Torre or whoever is in charge of handing out the punishments.

More clarification will be needed, but this aspect of the rule is not likely to be popular among players and coaches.

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