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Tim Lincecum's mustache is the worst, or the best

This is the time of year when each Major League team subjects its players to studio pictures. The point of said pictures, beyond obligation and making their players generally uncomfortable, is unclear.

Well, this year Tim Lincecum fought back. Or came prepared. Or something. Whatever his thinking, he knew these pictures were going to be taken and willfully wore the mustache you see above.

At this point it all comes down to your opinion on this genre of facial hair (presuming Lincecum agrees with us that it maybe doesn’t look so good and is mostly for laughs). I am strongly in favor of this move, so I think his mustache is great. If you’re not in that camp? Well, then this might be the worst thing you’ve ever seen.

Regardless, this mustache is real, and thanks to professional photography and the internet, it is preserved forever.

For good measure, here is a video about the ‘stache courtesy of CSN Bay Area:

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