Alex Ovechkin Disappointed Over Olympic Results

The 2014 Winter Olympics were in his home country. His country was expected to win the Olympic Gold Medal. However, that didn’t happen. Now, Alex Ovechkin has left Russia and will now re-focus on the Washington Capitals.

“I want to say sorry to the fans because it’s once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to represent your country in the Olympics and you didn’t get the results you didn’t get any medal… Of course the fans, the media and the people who support Russia, family, was upset but life goes on. Right now we here and we’re going to do our best to take a playoff spot and try to win the Cup.”

After Russia’s loss to Finland in the quarter-finals, Ovechkin was informed that his father Mikhail had suffered a heart attack days earlier. It’s shocking that they waited until Russia was eliminated to tell him. Shows just how much Russia wanted the Gold Medal.

“Soon as I found out that he’s in hospital and he’s feeling not that good and he could be dying, I just forget the game that we lose against Finland… He’s fine. Just talked to him this morning. He’s getting better and that’s probably most thing I worry about.”

If you recall, after the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Ovechkin went into quite the tailspin and didn’t seem like the same player. He only got out of it last season. He wants to make sure that doesn’t happen after these Olympics.

“This is my third Olympics that we didn’t get success. In Vancouver [in 2010] it was tough loss and this is a very tough loss for me and for Russia, but I’m almost 30. I have to handle it. I have to fight through it… The coaching staff, my family and my teammates I’m pretty sure they’re going to support me and I’m going to support them. That’s why we play in a team sport not an individual sport.”

If Ovechkin lets the disappoint of Sochi affect him, than the Capitals could be in for a long couple of seasons.

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