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Bryan Cranston to play serial killer in next movie


If you thought that Bryan Cranston’s role on Breaking Bad was going to lead him to lighter roles outside the show, you were dead wrong. The role of Walter White has corrupted the fun loving dad from Malcolm in the Middle and replaced him with ann actor capable of stretching himself to the limits for his craft.

According to SlashFilm, Cranston will be stepping into the role of a serial killer in the upcoming Errol Morris film Holland, Michigan.

In Holland, Michigan, the new non-doc from documentarian Errol Morris,Bryan Cranston will once again be very, very bad. We’ve seen the actor’s descent into pure human horror in Breaking Bad, and here he’ll play he’ll play another suburban dad who has big secrets.

In addition to channeling another dark character, Cranston continues to find work with solid filmmakers, as Morris is a legend among film geeks and critics alike.

Not every role that Cranston will play is going to be dark and brooding but he’s clearly unlocked that quality thanks to playing Walter White. Cranston has solidified a loyal following thanks to Breaking Bad and that may end up being a gateway for a whole new generation of film fans to discovering Errol Morris, which in of itself is a win.

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