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Former Boxing World Champ, Antonio Cermeno, kidnapped and killed

Former Boxing World Champion, Antonio Cermeno, was kidnapped and killed on Tuesday in his native Venezuela. The 1990’s WBA Featherweight and Bantamweight champion was found shot and killed in the city of Miranda.

Cermeno and his family were supposedly abducted on Monday evening in the La Urbina neighborhood in east Caracas, according to ESPN. Cermeno’s relatives were able to make a daring escape when the car stopped to reload on gas. Unfortunately, Cermeno was unable to get away with the rest of his family and was later killed.

Sportscenter tweeted out the tragic news earlier today:


Cermeno retired from Boxing in 2006 with a 45-7 record. According to World Boxing News, Cermeno became the WBA Super Bantamweight champion after defeating Wilfredo Vasquez in 1995. He kept the title until 1997, moved up to Featherweight and attained the title in 1998 before losing it in 1999.

Venezuela is currently in a state of chaos as protests against the national government wages on. Student protests have spread throughout the country. These are the biggest protests since the death of the longtime leader, Hugo Chavez, nearly a year ago.

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