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King Mo talks Bellator, Fighter pay, and Gilbert Melendez

This Friday night, Bellator returns with a stellar card for free on Spike TV. Bellator 110 features the opening round of the Light Heavyweight tournament. In the main event of the evening, Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson takes on the former Bellator Light Heavyweight champion, Christian M’Pumbu. In the co-main event, King Mo looks to advance to the finals by defeating Mikhail Zayats.

I recently sat down with Mo before his fight this weekend to talk about his preparation, the possibility of fighting Rampage, Fighter pay and unions, and much more.

Fighting Mikhail Zayats

I feel great man. My weight is good as always and I am ready to go. I watched a little bit of film on Zayats, but not much. The game plan for me is to go out there and fight him. He is unorthodox so he is hard to train and game plan for. I have to go out there and keep the pressure on him, that is it.

Possibly fighting Rampage Jackson next

If we fight, there is going to be beef again. Anytime there is money involved there is beef. I ain’t going to be cool with somebody who is trying to take my money. Why should I be cool with him?

His pick for Atila Vegh vs Emanuel Newton

I don’t know, but I know Atila is training hard because I see him out here at American Top Team. He looks hungry and in shape, but I really don’t know. They are both unorthodox and I hope it is an exciting fight. I wouldn’t mind either of them being the champion that I have to beat, but I really don’t care.

His thoughts on the Gilbert Melendez situation

It’s cool that Bellator tried to bring him in. The more competition the better. I’m happy for Gilbert because he got the money that he wants. Bellator offered it to him first and the UFC matched it. So many fighters out there are not getting paid what they should be and people do not know. People just see them on TV doing a commercial here and there and think they are getting paid. When it comes down to it, they aren’t getting paid. You look at boxers and most of the time they are getting paid. If you look at Gilbert Melendez, he is a well known fighter. If you get a boxer the same caliber as Gil, I guarantee that boxer is making five times as much as he is if not more.

Are you satisfied with your pay check?

I am never satisfied with the money I make; I always want to make more money. Right now who knows what is going to happen because it is going to take a revolution to change something. It ain’t going to happen now because people are afraid-people are cowards-to speak out.

The possibility of a Fighter’s Union

It will never happen. Think about it this way. The biggest name in Bellator is a fighter, probably Eddie Alvarez or Rampage. I would say it’s Rampage right now. The biggest star in ONE FC is Ben Askren. The biggest star in the NBA is Lebron. The biggest star in the NFL is Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. The biggest star in the UFC is who? It’s Dana White. Until the biggest stars in the sport is the athletes, it is not going to change. The biggest star in Boxing is Floyd Mayweather. Even when Don King was around he had Mike Tyson. No one really cared about Don King, they cared about Tyson. The promoters don’t matter in boxing, the people want to see the fighters. In MMA it is different, the promoters matter.

His future in TNA wrestling

I have no idea to be honest with you. I am just focused on this fight. I was doing TNA’s own little league, but now I am back for Bellator. It’s on them if they want to keep me around. If they don’t, that is cool, I am still a fighter. I don’t know what they are going to do. I wouldn’t mind getting another chance to do some wrestling though.

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