Jan 4, 2014; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick (7) looks on as quarterback Nick Foles (9) warms up before the 2013 NFC wild card playoff football game against the New Orleans Saints at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Rumors: Oakland Raiders best option for Michael Vick to start quickly?

Free agent Michael Vick has said time and time again he wants to be a starting quarterback.

It’s questionable if he can be an effective one at this point in his career, which will likely have some teams balking at bringing him one.

One team with reported interest though are the Oakland Raiders and according to CBS’ Jason La Canfora, the Raiders likely present the best option for Vick to start.

The Raiders are mulling several veteran quarterbacks, Vick included, and that looks like the best opportunity for Vick to start quickly.

A few days ago, reports leaked suggesting the Raiders, who own the fifth pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, could pass on drafting a ‘franchise’ quarterback and fill other needed positions while signing a stop-gap quarterback for the next year or two.

The market isn’t exactly saturated with high quality quarterbacks given Vick and Matt Cassel appear to be the two biggest names available, so signing Vick (especially given their massive cap space) wouldn’t be the worst thing for Oakland.

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  • Pridenpoise


  • Raider Grant

    Wtf? Raiders don’t require new quarterback this year. McGinger & Coach Continuity are scrambling to locate one because they require immediate success this year & believe a QB is there answer. If McGinger could of acquired the right QB we wouldn’t be having this discussion. If Coach Continuity could of developed young QB we wouldn’t be having this discussion. So The Raiders don’t require a QB, they require a GM that can select great coach & talent. McGinger has failed two years straight regardless of cap situation. Coach Continuity has failed from moment he was named head coach. Go Raiders

  • Raiders4life

    Raiders aint signing this clown, first sign they want to trade pryor. Why the well would they try to trade pryor if we were even thinking of getting vick? There styles are really similar you would think he would be the perfect back up to vick and not mcgloin a pocket passer. Two, vick is very injury prone. Sounds like they are trying to nagotiate if possible with mcfadden but the only reason hes not our franchise RB right now with a 10 mill contract per year is because he cant stay healthy. Lastly, vick is neither young nore is he someone i want my rookie to be learning behind. Not to mention we are not strapped for cash right now so we dont exactly have to settle with vick we could make a trade for someone. The funny thing about all this is i think both pryor and mcgloin actually have full potentiom to start anyway, we probably dont even need a QB, i wouldnt be surprized if we go get another QB in FA or the draft, and he ends up getting beat by mcglon or pryor.

  • Angel

    Id take Vick over Pryor anyday. Pryor respects Vick, he even said himself that he is faster than EVERY running QB except for Vick. Vick has big play potential and that’s what we need from a QB. Bring him over and if he’s garbage during camp, cut em. Everyone says,”Vick has lost a step..” Yeh, did he lose a step when he was learning a first year NFL head Coach’s innovative new offense??? Vick wants to play. Imagine how he’d be in a new place.