Paramount gets Twitter to ban person tweeting out Top Gun frame-by-frame


Last week we heard the story of a random person who took it upon themselves to tweet out the Tom Cruise classic Top Gun frame-by-frame on their Twitter account. The story wasn’t new when it broke, as whoever was live tweeting the movie out to the masses had been doing so for sometime.

The fun came to and end today though, as Paramount has put the kibosh on the infamous Tweeter over inevitable copyright laws. While there was no sound or video being tweeted out with the single frame stills, the person tweeting out the film was essentially pirating it an Hollywood gets hot and bothered when that happen.

Per The Hollywood Reporter:

the @555uhz account. “No one is authorized to copy, reproduce, distribute, or otherwise use Top Gunwithout the express written permission of Paramount,” says the notice.

It’s hard to see a boardroom of executives flinging paper around, answering and hanging up phones in a frantic manner in a panic over this person tweeting out Top Gun, but they nonetheless weren’t as on board with the idea as the rest of us were.

Still, they got their lawyers involved and went after Twitter to do their dirty work, which will make us all love Top Gun more and Paramount a little less.

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