Reporter almost became human trafficking victim at Sochi Olympics

During the past few weeks, we heard a lot of Sochi Olympics related horror stories – but nothing came close to what nearly happened to Brittney Cason.

The television personality was contacted by a ‘talent acquisition agent booking correspondent’ that reached out to her in hopes of covering the 2014 Winter Olympics.

There wasn’t anything strange about that considering that’s how many personalities get their job – especially if they’re not linked up with a major media network. The account was verified. Everything seemed pretty legit until Cason grew concerned over a request asking her to bring some fellow female friends with her.

That lead to Cason doing some investigating work which eventually included the assistance of the FBI.

The production company didn’t even know who he was and informed us not to travel and got us in touch with their lawyers immediately to help us. Lawyers who said how lucky and smart we were for catching him after reading over our dealings with him, as he seemed that legitimate. The amount of effort this man put into posing like a Talent Acquisition Agent is not only deceiving, it’s alarming.

You can read the entire horrifying story by clicking here.

Thankfully it was all sniffed out before anything terrible happened.

H/T The Big Lead

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