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Troy Tulowitzki: 'I'd love to stay here my whole career'

Troy Tulowitzki plays for the Colorado Rockies. If he remains with them for the life of his current contract, he will play for the Rockies through the year 2020.

With a back-loaded deal and a franchise that is struggling to contend, however, Tulowitzki has found himself the result subject of trade rumors the last few seasons. The first set of rumors with actual traction had Tulo going to the St. Louis Cardinals. Then, once Derek Jeter announced his plan to retire after the 2014 season, Tulo was immediately linked to the Yankees as their next franchise shortstop.

Addressing those most recent rumors, Tulowitzki insisted that he wishes to remain with the Rockies for his entire career but said that he knows the team has to win for those rumblings to go away (quotes from ESPN):

“I’d love to stay here my whole career. But I know if you lose, other teams may be calling or things might happen…I know that right now I’m wearing a Rockies uniform and my job is to prepare and try to have the best season that I can and we can as a team. I think if we play good baseball those rumors will go away. But I know if we don’t, they won’t go away.”

Unfortunately for Tulo and for the Rockies, it will take a drastic turnaround for them to win in a manner that will truly dismiss these trade rumors.

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