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Man in Breaking Bad shirt arrested for allegedly cooking meth

There is no question that Breaking Bad is one of the greatest television shows ever. You can’t debate it, so don’t even try. Fans of the show celebrate the greatness of the show with all sorts of great tributes like “blue meth donuts” and even throwing some Breaking Bad references into a call during a tennis match.

While those ways of showing your appreciation of the show are all fun and games, there are some people who go just a little too far.

21-year-old Daniel Kowalski is allegedly one of those people.

While wearing a Los Pollos Hermanos shirt, Kowalski was arrested for running his very own methamphetamine lab. Police discovered glass beakers, burners, chemicals and instructional materials for making controlled substances in his Illinois home.

According to the Cook County Sherriff’s office, twelve jars of psychedelic mushrooms were also discovered.

That makes sense, because you would need to do shrooms in order to think setting up a meth lab like this in your own home would be a good idea:

Photo via

Photo via

While we would urge everyone to sit down and watch every episode of Breaking Bad, which are all available now on Netflix, we would highly recommend that you refrain from cooking up your own meth in a makeshift home lab.

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