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Iowa State basketball fan trolls West Virginia

The No. 15 Iowa State Cyclones hosted the West Virginia Mountaineers on Tuesday night. They won the game 83-66 and their fans decided to take a shot at the West Virginia team and fans with a fairly creative sign.

The sign poses a simple question, “if you get divorced in West Virginia are you still brother and sister?” I don’t know that anyone in Iowa can necessarily be taking shots at people in West Virginia. One rural state taking on another rural state, though West Virginia has more of a “back woods” reputation.

It reminds me of the time when I was in college at Oklahoma and then Nebraska head coach Bill Callahan called Sooners fans a bunch of “[expletive] hillbillies.” Can people in Nebraska really call Oklahoma people hillbillies? No.

Just like Iowa shouldn’t be taking shots at West Virginia.

[h/t] Zombie Prophet

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