New St. Louis Blues logo? (Photo)

Are the St. Louis Blues getting a new logo? According to, they’ve heard rumors that the the Blues were looking for a new logo for next season. They’re fairly confident that the Blues are changing their logos and their uniforms and they think they’ve gotten their hands on the new logo.

Chris Creamer said he received an e-mail from a tipster claiming the Blues were considering a new logo for next season with what looks like a picture of a computer. Creamer points out that the logo is similar to an alternate logo they used.

Creamer goes on to say that he is “wary of a cellphone picture off a computer screen, and the source of this information is not anyone I’ve received information from before, so I cannot confirm this potential leak as being the real deal.”

Still, it is a pretty attractive logo that isn’t that radical of a design. They go in further depth at comparing it to previous logos the Blues used.

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