President Obama jokes that America is building Iron Man (Video)


In recent years, few films franchises have been more popular or more influential than the Marvel movies that have been released. Starting with Iron Man in 2008, Marvel has crafted a cinematic empire, and the results have been phenomenal both in terms of box office return as well as the overall increase in comic book movie quality.

The influence of the Marvel films is already being felt, as studios are now crafting their own franchises around the strategy that Marvel follows in releasing their perfectly timed and well laid out movies. Fox, Sony and even Disney are now directly copying Marvel’s movie release strategy and the influence goes all the way to the top.

In a recent speech, President Obama used a clever Marvel reference to joke about the advancements in technology the country is making thanks to the bright young minds of today and tomorrow. In rattling off a list of achievements in science, Obama joked that we’re basically building Iron Man.

Obviously, Obama is just kidding but cold you imagine how cool it would be to have an actual Iron Man at our disposal. As demonstrated in the films, we’d no longer need an army or a defense budget and we as a country may be able to finally balance the books.

Is there anything that Marvel can’t inspire?

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