Rihanna to record concept album for and star in DreamWorks film Home


Rihanna continues to branch out in as many ways as she can in her climb o the top of her game, as her latest venture is taking her tot he world of film and cinematic soundtracks. While she’s not getting as creative as Pharrell, who is nominated for an Oscar this year for his work on Despicable Me 2 and is scoring the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Rihanna is still getting into the movie business in her own way.

According to Rolling Stone, the artist is going to be recording a concept album for the upcoming DreamWorks animated feature Home, in which she will also voice a character.

Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of DreamWorks Animation, announced the news Tuesday during the company’s quarterly earnings call. Katzenberg said that Rihanna, who also stars in the film, will perform new songs, but did not provide any titles or the album’s release date.

The film, which also features the voice talent of Steve Martin, Jim Parsons and Jennifer Lopez, will focus  a group of aliens who escape their home planet and seek shelter on Earth.

Home is slated to hit theaters on November 26th and we can likely expect the concept album to drop somewhere right around that time as well.

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