Undated: Sydney Leroux brings the ball down pitch for the United States women's Olympic team during a qualifying game. Mandatory Credit: USA Today Sports

Sexy soccer player Sydney Leroux hilariously falls down during golf swing (Video)

It’s almost a right of passage to go to a local driving range – place your ball  – take five steps backwards and then run to the tee, unleashing your mighty swing.

And of course, when you do so, you likely either completely whiff or slice your ball three feet to the left.

But even so, you’d likely have had better luck than former Olympic gold medalist, soccer star and uber-hottie Sydney Leroux.

The popular Leroux decided she’d post a video of herself attempting to get her ‘Happy Gilmore’ on and things looked solid from the start. OF course, that quickly changed as Leroux began shuffling her feet as she ran towards the tee.

Not even two steps into the process, Sydney stumbled over herself (and the slight concrete elevation) and sent herself tumbling across the turf mat, like she was on the receiving end of an epic slide tackle.

Thankfully she wasn’t hurt and took the blooper in stride.

Serioulsy – I’m on my fifteenth watch or so and I can’t stop laughing.

What a tumble Miss Leroux took.

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