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Adam McKay says Anchorman 3 will never happen, no further movies planned

When Anchorman was released almost a decade ago, the film took audiences by surprise and helped launch Will Ferrell’s career as a character actor in films. While he had been in films prior to Anchorman, most notably Old School, it wasn’t until Anchorman that we saw Ferrell truly get into characters he had created for film.

The fun appears to be over though, as the luke-warm reception for Anchorman 2 has led to the minds behind the film to back off of the idea that further films will happen. Director Adam McKay noted recently that despite rumors of a third film and even spinoff films, Anchorman 3 will not be happening

Per Empire Magazine: 

It’s done. I think that’s it. It was great to do it and it was so fun to work with those guys again, but I think that’s it for Ron Burgundy. … I’m going to say definitely no. I’ll actually say it in this case! … No, that’s the last sequel we’re gonna do. There’s nothing more fun to me than new characters and a new world. And now we’re releasing this alt version, we’re totally satisfied. No Anchorman 3.

We sort of expected this to be the case when Anchorman 2 was released, as we weren’t even expecting a new Anchorman movie to begin with. We’ll have to see how everyone feels when they start running out of work, but for now it seems like it’s time to shave off the mustaches and leave Anchorman behind.

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