Game of Thrones deaths are lot funnier animated in 8-bit (GIFs)


HBO is set to premiere the new season of Game of Thrones this April and already fans are starting to get excited like never before. But while the premiere is still over a month away, we are seeing some great Game of Thrones material pop up all over the internet from fan trailers, to amazing homemade posters and more, but nothing can top this hilarious set of adorable 8-bit GIFs that make the deaths we’ve seen on Game of Thrones a lot less heavy.

Be warned, everything beyond this point is a massive spoiler from the first three seasons.

The folks at BuzzFeed put together 8-but animated GIFs of the most iconic deaths we’ve seen on Game of Thrones and they are hard to not chuckle at, even if we were all horrified when we saw them go down on the show. We won’t completely spoil them all by describing them, but you’ll low you’re one of the cool kids if you know which each one is. If you need to know what each GIF is, just hover your cursor over the GIF to reveal the event it’s based on.

Here are some of our favorites:


Bronn fights Tyrion Lannister


White walker beheading a ranger


Renly Baratheon gets assassinated


Battle of Blackwater


Viserys gets his crown


The Red Wedding

You can check out the rest of the Game of Thrones death GIFs here and be sure to watch the season four premiere this April on HBO.

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