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Louis Jean stands behind Ryan Kesler trade request report

The Ryan Kesler trade request storyline won’t be going away any time soon. If the Vancouver Canucks were hoping that denials from both player and player agent would quiet the roaring fire that has grown since Wednesday, it doesn’t appear that this will be the case.

It started with a simple Tweet, like most things do these days.

Since then, Kesler’s agent has vehemently denied that his client wants out of Vancouver.

That hasn’t prevented NHL insiders from writing and talking about a possible Kesler deal like it’s almost a given.

For his part, Kesler also denied ever asking for a trade. He spoke to the media about the reports yesterday and was quoted by Brad Ziemer of The Vancouver Sun. Kesler had this to say:

Completely false… Yes, I am happy. I love my teammates, love the city. My son was born here, grew up here. I am a Canuck and I am happy to be here.

When asked about a report out of Sochi that he’d been overheard talking about his trade demands, he responded with this quip:

False, hashtag sochiproblems. No, I never commented to anybody that I wanted out. My heart is with this team and making the playoffs.

That’s good news for Canucks fans, but we’ve heard this song and dance from players before as the trade deadline looms. There’s a lot of smoke on this one, and it wouldn’t be surprising if there was actual fire.

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