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New Mexico State player fights opposing fans after storming court (Video)

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Storming the court in college basketball has become somewhat of a tradition, but not all traditions deserve to stay. While it’s a thrilling image to see fans storm the court in the ecstasy of a huge victory, there have been increasing calls to get it gone from the game.

The best case yet for eliminating the court storm occurred in the New Mexico State game on Thursday night. The Aggies lost to Utah Valley State in a huge WAC game, but the game is being talked about for what happened after the buzzer sounded. Before the Utah Valley fans stormed the court, K.C. Ross-Miller threw a ball at Holton Hunsaker which led to a shoving match.

We’ve seen this before in basketball but the fans storming the court were a new variable and they decided to defend Hunsaker and attack the New Mexico State players caught in the middle.

This wasn’t The Malice at the Palace, but it wasn’t pretty either. Punishment should and will come of this and the best case for eliminating or at least regulating court storming has been unfortunately made.

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