Richie Incognito checks in to psychiatric care center

After a bizarre series of incidents, there were reports circulating that Richie Incognito’s Miami Dolphins teammates were beginning to get concerned about his irrational behavior. It looks like maybe their concern reached Incognito. According to TMZ, Incognito was admitted to a psychiatric care unit in Arizona late Thursday night. The report states that Incognito did not voluntarily check himself into the center. Instead, it was a petition from the Scottsdale Police Department that got Incognito admitted. Incognito recently took a baseball bat to his own car in order to “vent,” so it was clear that he was in need of some sort of help. Hopefully the psychiatric care center will provide Incognito with the care he needs, because he seemed like a man who was ready to snap and go down a dangerous path. At this point, Incognito’s NFL future is not his biggest concern. It is unlikely that he will get picked up by another team in the offseason, but the real concern is making sure Incognito is mentally stable and able to move forward without any bizarre incidents.

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  • bk

    Enough is enough… I am no big fan of Incognito’s but the bullying of him is worse than what happened to Martin… the press will not leave him alone, he is an easy target and like all bullies, the media is unrelenting in their persecution of him. Are they going to be happy when he does something like suicide? Oh they will blame someone else.. The NFL report (farce) was predictable… blame most of it on a fall guy, put a little blame out there to spread around.. make the NFL look good, take the heat off the Dolphins… pin it all on a scapegoat…. they have succeeded… Here is a relatively young guy who will probably struggle to find any work, anywhere..
    Look at the NFL and the people who have done much, much worse and after a short time were allowed back in the game and now all is forgiven: Ray Lewis, Mick Vick, D. Stallworth, Ray Rice,
    Plaxico, etc etc…. Von Miller is a druggie who tried to cheat the test and hardly a peep… WHy the double standards? Is it a race issue? Do blacks get a second chance and not white guys? Is the media afraid to keep harrassing blacks like thay have here?
    Bullying is wrong and is sad, but, the biggest bullys are the media.

  • Real M-Fing talk !!!


    i was with you until you brought race into it…..
    this had nothing to do with race or Copper would still be getting
    gutted like a fish….
    This has everything to do with a bunch of jock
    sniffing geeks who are using Richie as a way of getting back at all
    those bullies in high school
    yes the media has taken it too far…. to the point they are the real bullies in this story