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WWE Network will add Elimination Chamber soon

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It’ll be a week since Randy Orton retained his WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the Elimination Chamber pay per view on Sunday night and it’ll be a week since the WWE Network officially launched just a day later.

Now the WWE Network ran into a couple problems so far this week and it should have been expected. A lot of fans signed up, which made the actual website slow down to a crawl. It took me at least three hours just to sign into the actual site itself.

We all know that the WWE will be airing live pay per views on the Network for those who have committed so six months. Others who aren’t subscribed to the WWE Network will have to throw out $55-$65 dollars a month, depending on if their cable/satellite provider carries the event.

Each television company that carries WWE pay per views always offers replays through out the month. That’s how they make extra money, and they mark down the price just a tad. But according to, the WWE will be uploading replays from pay per views that add the night before, onto the WWE Network.

This is something that is going to make DISH Network cry even more.

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