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Bjorn Rebney clarifies what Bellator told commission about Rampage/King Mo scuffle

Bellator 110 kicked off Bellator’s 10th season last night with a bang. In the main event, former UFC Light Heavyweight champion, Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, knocked out former Bellator Light Heavyweight champion, Christian M’Pumbu, to advance to the Light Heavyweight tournament finals. In the other semi-final bout, King Mo defeated Mikhail Zayats by unanimous decision to set up the fight between the former rivals.

At least we thought they were formal rivals. During Rampage’s post-fight interview, King Mo was brought into the cage in order to promote their upcoming fight. Rampage, still on the microphone, stated that King Mo was his next victim, which led to a heated altercation in the middle of the ring that needed to be separated.

Speculation arose that the altercation was a work, and alleged comments by the Mohegan Sun’s regulatory head that the commission had prior knowledge of the planned scuffle seemingly corroborated the conspiracies.

Today, Mike Mazzulli, the regulatory head in question, clarified his comments last night and denied that Bellator informed the commission of a staged altercation.

The original reporter, Jack Encarnacao of Sherdog, who released Mazzulli’s comments, asked Bjorn Rebney about what Bellator told the commission before the event. You can watch the interview below, courtesy of Sherdog. Encarnacao asks the question at about 2:54 into the video.

It seems that Mazzulli’s initial comments were just misunderstood, as he never specifically said that Bellator told the commission about a staged scuffle. What happened, according to Rebney and Mazzulli, was Bellator warned the commission that Rampage and King Mo will be put together in the ring if the both win and advance to the finals. With both men’s disdain for one another, a heated exchange was likely expected.

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