Fans attending NXT started anti-Batista chants



We all know how crazy professional wrestling fans can be. It doesn’t matter who is performing in the ring, if they have something specific on their mind that they blurt out and it gets attention, the rest of the crowd will pick up on it.

We’ve seen a bunch of entertaining chants ever since professional wrestling was televised. A lot of them I can’t post because most of the good ones came from the Attitude Era, but we crowds will chant the name of specific Superstars or even get the attention of those who work commentary.

Now according to NoDQ.com, the entire crowd who attended the NXT taping last night started an Anti-Batista chant. I’m not surprised to hear about this at all, considering all the heat that’s he has been taking ever since he won the Royal Rumble.

NoDQ also states that the crowd began booing Bray Wyatt’s brother Bo Dallas. Dallas is the former NXT Champion.

The crowd began chanting “worse than Batista” when Dallas was working a match. The arena that NXT is taped in is fairly small, so the chants are heard loud and clear. Instead of echoing through at least 12,000 people, performers in the ring are getting yelled at from about 700 or so fans in the crowd.

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