Jan 24, 2014; Orlando, FL, USA; Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant (24) against the Orlando Magic during the second quarter at Amway Center. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sportsw

Kobe Bryant shows off custom piano shaped like his logo (Photo)

Kobe Bryant is somewhat of a renaissance man.

The injured Lakers legend has been a very interesting person to keep track of on social media. Later in his career he has seemed to really take the filter off of what he says. In this case, it’s not so much what he said but what he showed off. He speaks a few languages and seems to enjoy the arts so it isn’t much of a stretch for him to have a piano.

It is a bit different for it to be in the shape of his logo. I guess when you are one of the greatest players ever, you can do things like this.

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  • Real M-Fing talk !!!

    Ok.,.. now i know were that 48 million extension went and here i am thinking Kobe “i am so smart i bought my wife a 4 million dollar ring as a reminder of my infidelity” Bryant didn’t need that money and he should have taken less, because he is no longer a 20+ million dollar player and two, to help bring Laker sign some real talent… i feel better now knowing it went to shiny new piano for Kobe “no player in NBA history has out bricked me” Bryant