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NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers to evaluate coaching staff at season end?

In all fairness to Los Angeles Lakers head coach Mike D’Antoni, he’s been given a shamble of a roster this season – a roster which has been filled with players picked up off the street or plucked from the NBA’s Developmental League.

Needless to say, judging his performance based on this season wouldn’t exactly be the most fair.

But as many coaches before D’Antoni have learned, patience is thin in Los Angeles as the Lakers are expected to win and win now. That will likely lead to evaluation of D’Antoni at season end, this according to Basketball Insider’s Jabari Davis.

I wouldn’t anticipate a move at the coaching position anytime soon. There are 24 games left, and the Lakers are not heading anywhere but the lottery. After the season, I do think they’ll evaluate all options. I know folks don’t want to see ‘patience’ and ‘Lakers’ in the same sentence, but let’s see what the offseason looks like.

D’Antoni has a fan in Kobe Bryant, so that will work in his favor – though it didn’t exactly help Steve Blake who was traded to the Golden State Warriors last month.

Regardless, no matter if you’re a fan of D’Antoni or not – evaluating him on the Lakers performance this season wouldn’t be the most fair move.

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  • Mylan Welborn

    It is fair to critique his performance as coach, you play the hand you are dealt. There is NO excuse for getting blown away by the other worst teams in the league by 15+ points on a regular basis. There is no justification for the answers that the coach gives…”I don’t know why we stink”, “Go find another team to root for”, “we lost but the other team wasn’t playing defense either”.

    This point in time D’Antoni has a track record. Phoenix, the Knicks and now the Lakers ALL PLAY AND WE’RE COACHED THE SAME WAY.

    No defense, jack up threes whenever you like, no consistency, no adjustments whatsoever. I would wager Coach Sloan, or Pop, even Phil would be able to get some consistency out of this group. Kaman and Gasol are All-Stars, Blake, Farmar, Young are legit. No Excuses

    • hookedonnews

      Yes, he has a track record in Phoenix and it’s a good one. Difference in that and his experience with the Lakers? All his best players weren’t injured for weeks and months of the season. You might wager that another coach would do better, but you have no way to prove that. Neither Kaman or Gasol are All-Stars. Take a look at Gasol’s stats from earlier in the season. Are you aware how many games Blake, Farmar, & Young missed this season? If you don’t like MDA just say so, but don’t pretend that injuries to key players are irrelevant.

      • tko

        All that matters is the Lakers need to get a new coach and that’s it because no Good player want to play for the coach that’s there and Lakers fans don’t like games begin canceled from tv plus 20billion for cable to show Lakers games.Lakers need a new coach dam it!!!!

        • hookedonnews

          If Kobe and Nash were playing those games wouldn’t have been canceled. This idea that no good player wants to play for MDA is something that people who comment on these blogs repeat, but I’ve never heard any reputable NBA source say that. They say just the opposite–that players want to play for him. The roster is the problem, not the coach. That ought to be obvious, but blind hatred of D’Antoni seems to cloud the reasoning ability of a lot of fans. Want to tune in and watch Marshall, Meeks, Johnson, Kelly & Gasol? No one in the country has heard of any of them except Gasol. That’s the reason we’re losing and why the games aren’t being televised.

  • hookedonnews

    Doubt that Jabari Davis has a clue about this. There may be some evaluation of assistant coaches, but I think Mitch has made it pretty clear that D’Antoni will be back. This is just another baseless rumor put out there as fact. When I see Mitch Kupchak say it, I’ll believe it. Way too much of this stuff masquerading as news.