Report: Commission knew about King Mo/Rampage Jackson scuffle before hand

Last night at Bellator 110, King Mo and Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson both booked their ticket to the Light Heavyweight tournament final. King Mo defeated Mikhail Zayats by unanimous decision while Rampage Jackson defeated Christian M’Pumbu by knockout. During Rampage’s post-fight interview, King Mo was brought into the cage in order to promote their upcoming fight. Rampage, still on the microphone, stated that King Mo was his next victim, which led to a heated altercation in the middle of the ring that needed to be separated.

Immediately following the scuffle, speculation that the scuffle was staged was rampant throughout the MMA community. Jack Encarnacao, from Sherdog Rewind, asked the regulatory head, Mike Mazzulli, about possible sanctions for Mo and Rampage due to the scuffle:

That tweet led to even more speculation that the scuffle was indeed a farce, and nothing more than a professional wrestling tactic from Bellator. When asked to clarify, Encarnacao tweeted the conversation he had with Mazzulli after the bout:

Here is the full transcript:

Mazzulli: You saw me get up there, and I did look at it, and I’ll review the tape later. But I know for a fact, you know, no one got hurt. It was Rampage is Rampage, and King Mo is King Mo, and the bottom line is, tickets got to be sold. And you know what? I’ll review it. Highly unlikely I will fine anybody. No one got hurt. It was just a push.

Me: As a regulator, is it important for you to know from Bellator or Spike that that was pre-planned in any way? That must be germaine to your looking into it, right?

Mazzulli: Oh, absolutely. You hit the nail on the head. I was told about it, I was told about it yesterday at the weigh-in, and that’s why there would be no cause and effect to it.

Me: So you had an idea?

Mazzulli: I absolutely had a, yeah. And it’s something I don’t like speaking about. But, you know, you ask me the question, I’m going to tell you the truth. It’s going to be an interesting fight between the two.

Obviously Bellator and Bjorn Rebney will want to clear up the speculation that is sure to stem from the above conversation. Although it seems like the scuffle was planned, Mazzulli could simply be referring to Bellator telling him that Rampage and Mo would be in the cage after the bout. Encarnacao addressed that in a later tweet:

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