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Boston Red Sox player checking out sideline reporter Elle Duncan (Video)

The Boston Red Sox had to do a little lineup shuffling this offseason regarding their sideline reporter as former reporter Jenny Dell was reassigned after her relationship with infielder Will Middlebrooks went public.

That lead to the Sox hiring Elle Duncan, who apparently is approved by outfielder Mike Carp.

Carp was leaning over the dugout during Boston’s spring training game today when Duncan walked by. He apparently liked what he saw as he followed Miss Duncan with his eyes the entire time.

The only thing missing was a honking sound effect, some bugged out eyes and drooling/panting like you’d see in a Warner Brothers cartoon.

Of course, maybe Carp was just checking out a wayward foul ball or wasn’t a fan of the sun shining in his eyes so he needed to look away.

No? Yeah – I didn’t think so.

Carp’s likely hoping he gets an opportunity for an interview in the near future, but he might not get much of an opportunity being stapled to the bench.

Loved the had nod by the way – good stuff.

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  • John Finn Jr

    That’s right. Let’s ruin somebody’s career by assuming things and making up stories and gossiping about them. By the way you wrote this story, I though he would be bouncing off the wall for her. All he did was look at her as she walked by, and you have him labeled as a playboy. when he looks at one of his teamates walking by, will you label him as a homosexual ? Stick to writing about baseball and not gossip. Gossip just shows how desparate a writer is to write and article.

  • stageacter

    “That *led* to the Sox…” not “lead”. Sheesh. You are an EDITOR for heaven’s sake.