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Did John Cena really suffer a torn groin?

We all know that almost everything we see on WWE television is scripted. Each and everyone of those Superstars on that WWE roster happen to be stunt men/women and actors. Well, you understand that if you’re old enough to know better.

I’ve been watching professional wrestling for as long as I can remember. It doesn’t matter if it was ECW, WCW, AAA, WWE, NJPW, I’ve watched it all and continue to do so. More WWE than anything, I haven’t watched TNA in years.

Now the company will set up angles where a certain Superstar will get attacked and “injured” while trying to either hype up a match, or give them some time away from television. Last Monday, John Cena was attacked by all three members of The Wyatt Family.

Near the end of the attack, John Cena got up limping, favoring his left leg. He looked like a wounded dog standing there, not putting any weight on it. Then he decides to rush towards Bray Wyatt and gets beaten up a little more.

Cena wrestled against Randy Orton in a Steel Cage match later on that week during a House Show in South Carolina . Apparently he took a microphone and told the fans how he suffered a groin tear and that he was in a lot of pain.

But according to, Dave Meltzer of ‘The Wrestling Observer Newsletter’ says that Cena never suffered a torn groin or knee injury during that attack by The Wyatt Family.

So is this a work? John Cena trying to hype up the match and make himself look like Superman? The guy is already a top Superstar, so whatever he has to say, almost everybody is going to believe him. At least if you’re 15 years old and younger.

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