Oscars 2014: Ellen DeGeneres posts selfie from stage on Twitter


Ellen Degeneres is currently hosting the 2014 Academy Awards show and took a selfie during the Awards show. She then posted the selfie to here Twitter account. Unfortunately the photo came out a little blurry but she posted it anyways and on live television you couldn’t really retake the photo.

She didn’t do the selfie with the crowd in the background, a popular angle and she went with  no look approach. Still it is pretty cool and a sign of the times. Now if someone else took a selfie during their acceptance speech that would be fascinating. They could do one mid-speech without breaking stride or when the music starts playing just whip out your iPhone and snap a quick picture for Twitter or Instagram.

Here is a screen shot of Ellen taking the photo.

She is also posting photos from backstage at the Oscars:


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